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  • Playground6

    4 Tips for Taking Playground Photos


    Happy May Day readers! I hope some of you are experiencing Spring weather, because it’s been dumping snow all day here in Colorado. We did get a Spring teaser this past weekend with 75-80 degree weather, so I took the opportunity to get outside with …

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  • Photo of Red Barn

    How To Edit Digital Photos To Remove Unwanted Items


    One of the beauties of digital photography is the ability to edit. Sure, most of us wish we could snap the perfect photo, frame the rule of thirds just right, and choose the perfect lighting. The reality is, especially for amateur photographers, we don’t always …

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  • Anticipating Christmas

    5 Tips for Taking Photos While Opening Gifts


    We made it! Christmas Eve is upon us. Children are squirming with anticipation of what Santa will bring, last minute gifts are being wrapped, and photographers like you and me are charging our camera batteries for a day full of family photos. The past few …

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  • Photographing Your Pets

    How To Train Your Pets For Great Photography


    Ready for your Tuesday photography tip? The answer is…take LOTS of photos of your pets. Do you want your money back? Good thing I didn’t charge you for this tip! But seriously, this is a good tip. Let me explain. Why is it that when …

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  • Italy & Nutella

    How-To Make Your Travel Photos Less Boring


    I’ll be honest, on my recent trip to Rome I took all of the tourist-y photos. The Colosseum. The Pantheon. St. Peter’s Basilica. Each of these buildings is wondrous, don’t get me wrong, but every person who has ever traveled to Rome has the exact …

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  • Aperture f.18

    Tuesday Tip: Aperture for Beginners


    A couple weeks ago I did a post on ISO for Beginners and received some positive response. So, I decided to create another “for beginners” post around aperture. For most shoots I set my camera to aperture priority, because I enjoy adjusting the depth of …

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  • ISO 200 Setting

    Tuesday Tip: ISO for Beginners


    When I first started using my DSLR, I had no idea what ISO, aperture, or white balance were. I spent hours reading through tutorials and looking up definitions for each of these terms, but always felt like the information went over my head. “I’m a …

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  • Tips For Guiding Your Photo Subjects


    For this week’s tip, I wanted to share a video from Jasmine Star on how to guide your photo subjects into posing for a shoot. Being new to staged photo sessions, I’m always looking for ways to make my subjects feel more comfortable. Of course, …

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  • Rule of Thirds Example

    Tuesday Tip: Rule Of Thirds


    One of the first photography tips I learned was the rule of thirds. It’s a very basic principle that can make your photography improve almost immediately. What I love about the rule of thirds is you can use it no matter what type of camera …

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  • Suburban Misfit Watermark

    Tuesday Tip: How To Create A Photo Watermark


    When I first started taking photography seriously (just over a year ago), protecting my photos online didn’t even cross my mind. I was excited if someone came to my blog and actually viewed one of my photos. Now, especially with Pinterest on the rise, I …

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