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Why You Should Buy A 50MM Lens


I have heard many times that good photos come from great photographers, not great equipment. I agree with this statement…with one exception. The 50MM, f1.8 lens.

I first gained interest in photography a few years ago when I received a Canon Powershot as a Christmas gift. I remember being amazed at the different features this camera offered versus my other other point and shoots. White balance, selective color, and digital macro (to name a few). This camera was awesome for landscapes and macro shots, but didn’t give me “the look” I wanted for portraits and other abstract photos.

When I received my DSLR, I was excited to see what this camera could do to improve my photos. I was using the standard 18-55MM lens, and while I certainly had more options than my point and shoot, I was still frustrated that the widest aperture I could get was f4.8. I would literally spend hours in Photoshop trying to blur out backgrounds to get the laser focus I wanted on my subjects. Other photographers seemed to have a certain “pop” to their photos that I wasn’t getting.

So, I did some research and figured out the answer to my woes. The 50MM lens. This lens is often called a “normal” lens, because it doesn’t zoom and thus mimics what the human eye sees. It also has greater speed, which allows you to shoot better in lower light situations. The greatest benefit, in my opinion, is the aperture setting of 1.8 which gives you the nice blurred background you see in many portrait shots.  I quickly put it on my Amazon wish list and hoped I would either save up enough money to buy it or someone would graciously offer it to me as a gift. Misfit Mom and Dad saved the day a few weeks ago when they bought it as a birthday gift!

Below are some examples of what a wide aperture, like that which you can achieve with the 50MM, can do for your photos. Notice that only a small portion of each photo is in focus.




Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat

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