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Girl Scout Cookies

Wordless Wednesday: Edible Addiction


Girl Scout Cookies


    Nice shot; yummy! Love the new watermark.

  2. Patti Kuche
    Patti Kuche02-24-2012

    These look so good, plus they go so well with that steaming cup of watermark!

  3. cobbies69

    i can see myself getting peckish with this topic..;0 love it…

  4. Gilly Gee
    Gilly Gee02-24-2012

    Yes please!

  5. Cee Neuner
    Cee Neuner02-24-2012

    Wonderful entry!

  6. livvy30


  7. The Guat
    The Guat02-24-2012

    Chocolate is awesome, isn’t it?

  8. Ruth Bailey
    Ruth Bailey02-24-2012

    These look like a couple of my favorite Girl Scout cookie varieties! They go well with a cup of coffee like your watermark.

  9. thepurpledogpaintingblog

    Is it sad that I could instantly recognize what kind of cookies those are. Great shot.

  10. Jo Bryant
    Jo Bryant02-24-2012

    yep – this pic needs no words

  11. Jag

    Yummm! Great shot … I really like your watermark!

    • Wendy

      Thanks! 😉

    • Hanim

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  12. Hendra Taruna
    Hendra Taruna02-26-2012

    speechless… I’m hungry just by watching these picture

  13. Doris Rudd
    Doris Rudd02-26-2012

    Oh goodness, these look good!

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