Wedding Dresses

Photos From A Bridal Boutique

This weekend I had the opportunity to go wedding dress shopping with my friend Lindsay and her family. I took some great photos of Lindsay in many different styles, but haven’t had a chance to show her the photos yet. So, I’m going to share with you some shots I took sans the bride-to-be.

First up, what bride-to-be could resist thumbing through this rack? So many different shapes and shades.

Wedding Dresses

I found this angel hanging from one of the dressing rooms.


Nearby was a wall of lace. Literally. Veils of different lengths, all with intricate details like this lace.

LaceOne of my favorite shots from the day was this mannequin. It stood near the end of a rack in stark contrast to the white dresses hanging behind it.


One of my favorite things about wedding dress shopping with friends is “the look.” You know, the look of anticipation before trying on a dressing room full of gowns. Or the look of awe when a special dress is on. Or the look of excitement from family members as the bride-to-be walks out of the dressing room for the first time. Photos don’t do these looks justice though. So for now, I’ll leave these photos to help set the stage.

What photos have you taken that don’t do the subject justice? Comment below.

A special thanks to Boulder Bridal for letting me take photographs!

  1. lindsaybrust

    Thanks for being there, Wendy! I can’t wait to see the other photos, and I don’t mind if you post anything before I see it… also, if you look really close, I’m hiding behind the veils! :-)

    Can’t wait to catch up more soon.

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