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Trying To Remember What Summer Feels Like


I start to get anxious this time of year. We will have a few sunny days (it was in the 60s here last week!) and then snow comes (predicted for this Friday). Mother Nature sure has a sense of humor, but it’s driving me crazy! Literally. Ask My Stronger Half. One minute I’m flying around the house cleaning and the next I’m tucked into bed watching Mad Men for 5 hours at a time.

So today, I decided I would try to remember what summer feels like by going through some pictures I took in Kauai this past Fall. Hopefully these photos remind you of brighter, sunnier days until the real thing comes.

I can almost smell the salty air and hear the crashing waves while looking at this picture. The varying shades of blue in the ocean and sky caught my eye one afternoon, so I shot this photo using the vivid setting on my point-and-shoot. Beautiful.

This is my favorite shot of the entire trip. My Stronger Half and I were playing around on the beach, and I caught him mid-air. Ok, so maybe I told him to jump toward the ocean to see if I could get a great photo. But staging a photo doesn’t make it any less fun, does it?

One of the things I loved best about Kauai was doing absolutely nothing. This shot was taken in the morning, just after the sun rose. The coloring was much different than the first photo above.

Ahh…footprints in the sand. Yes, it’s overdone, but still one of my favorites. I used the selective coloring feature on my point-and-shoot to capture the color of the sand, but make everything else black and white.

Ok, now for some color. The flowers in Kauai just blow me away, because they are so vivid.

Here’s another flower shot.

Last, but not least. I used this photo in a previous post, but I didn’t really explain the significance. A few years ago, a major storm (hurricane?) hit Kauai and a bunch of farm chickens were let loose because the wind knocked down fences. So now, there are wild chickens that roam the island. This man apparently gets a kick out of feeding them. He showed up with bread and donuts and the chickens went crazy.

What do you do to remember what summer feels like?

  1. Robin

    Thank you for this post. It was very warming. :) I have never been to Hawaii (or any tropical island). It looks beautiful.

    I post photos of your area to remember summer since visiting Colorado was one of the highlights of my past two summers. This year it might be Nova Scotia. Or Montana. We haven’t decided yet.

    • suburbanmisfit

      I’ve never been to Nova Scotia. That sounds amazing! Montana is also a beautiful location, so you can’t go wrong either way.

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