A Colorado Snow Day

While the rest of the country has been digging themselves out of snow, we have been wishing and waiting for some white stuff. The Colorado mountains have been getting it, but we in the flat lands have been missing it. Until today!

I woke up to snow this morning and couldn’t wait to get outside to take some pictures with my Nikon D70.

Colorado Snow Storm

Our patio furniture getting some dust.

Colorado Snow Storm

I love the way this ornamental grass catches the snowflakes as they’re blowing through the air.

Colorado Snow Storm

The birdhouse on our fence.

Colorado Snow Storm

The red from this bush against the white snow made an awesome contrast.

Colorado Snow Storm

My Stronger Half using our snow blower. Notice the smile on his face. What a good housekeeper.

Colorado Snow Storm

I used a faster shutter speed here to capture the snowflakes mid-air.

Colorado Snow Storm

Peeking over the fence in my backyard.

Now…time to cuddle up. Stay warm everyone!

  1. The Suburban Misfit's sister
    The Suburban Misfit's sister12-30-2010

    Great pics W!! Glad we’re finally getting some snow to take pics of :)

  2. Robin

    Wonderful images. :)

    Enjoy your snow. Our two feet of snow just got washed away with rain and warm temperatures. I’m guess the white stuff will return soon.

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